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The demand for the metal roof is rising in Denver, and roofing contractors are often suggesting it to their clients. Even then one should be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of metal roofing. While using shingles, wood, rocks, and tiles for roofing is a traditional way of doing things, metal roofing is trending nowadays. Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of metal roof construction.

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Metal Roofing Benefits

1) Longevity:

A metal roof is simply tougher and more durable. When properly installed, the metal roof can last as long as the house itself. Metal is resistant to elements like fire, pests, and mildew. Metal roofing companies offer longer warranties of around 30 years. A metal roof is a low maintenance solution for your roofing need in Delaware.

2) Lightweight:

Tiles and rocks are bulky materials to build a roof, and tiles weights around 760 pounds per square inch. Compared to this, metal roofing is very lightweight at around 140 pounds per square inch. The benefit of being lightweight is that it’s easier to install. Moreover, the foundation of the house itself is not stressed and can do with fewer support beams. Metal shingle sections come in different size ranging from 12 to 36 inch in width. If you need a quick install in Delaware, metal shingle roofing is an excellent choice.

metal roofs are easier and faster to install
Metal roofs are faster to install.
3) Heat reflective:

Rocks in the roofing absorb the heat and make the house hot during summers. This means airconditioners working extra hard and running your electricity meter. Metal roofing is, however, less prone to transfer heat inside the house. And if painted in lighter colors, the metal roof is really effective to keep the house cool during summers.

4) Less roof pitch needed:

The roof pitch or angle doesn’t need to be steep for metal roofing as they are very much leak proof. Minimum roof pitch is generally between 3 to 12 inched (increases by about 3 inches for every horizontal foot).

5) More weather resistant:

Due to the high sealing quality of metal roofs, they are tackle rain and snow. Snow doesn’t collect easily on the roof as metal roof sheets are quite slippery.

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Metal Roofing Drawbacks

While the benefits of metal roofing are quite tempting, it does have some drawbacks. That said, with the advancement in technology, the metal shingle manufacturers have addressed these concerns.

1) High initial cost:

Compared to other roofing materials, metals sheet is the most expensive. In the current market, the price of a metal sheet of 100 square feet is between the $160 to $600 depending on the quality. That said, the high initial cost is recouped over time as the metal roof lasts longer and require less maintenance. Moreover, as mentioned before, the metal roof is easier to install therefore require fewer labor hours.

2) Less sound insulation:

The metal roof’s biggest drawback is that they can get noisy when it rains. For some, it might not be that big of a deal but some people get really ticked off by this. One way to tackle this is by using more insulating material under the roof but that does add to the cost.

3) Metal roofs can get dented:

Metal sheets for the roof are made up of aluminum or copper and both these material is softer than steel. This makes it more prone to get dented during a heavy hailstorm.

4) Walking is not recommended for metal roofs:

Due to their nature of getting dented easily, walking on the metal roof is not recommended. Not to mention, the metal roof can be really slippery. But why would you walk on the roof that does not leak?

5) Metal roof attracts lightning:

While it’s not proven yet, Some people believe that the metal roof attracts lightning. Even if you are concerned, the roof can be grounded easily.

5 Common Mistakes made by Roof Installers

Metal Roof Problems that need Repairing

Metal roof last for years but sometimes they do require some repair work. Most of the problems with metal roofing crop up due to installation and design negligence. Here are top 5 issues that come up in metal roofs:

Horizontal seam opening

During installation of metal roof, it’s difficult to make the roof extend the full length of the building. The project manager often has to decide on the limit of panel length taking expansion and contraction of metal into account.

This restriction in length means that installer has to place horizontal seams into while laying roof. These horizontal seams run perpendicular to the metal roof panels. The problem arises when the seam starts to separate over time, creating an evident panel gap. This needs to be sealed back as water can enter through these crack and enter the building and even increase the chanced of rusting in metal panels.

Openings around penetrations

The contraction and expansion of metal results in another issue. If there are penetrations in the roof including pipe outlets, gaps can develop around it. This again leads to water seepage.

Metal Roof Rusting

Oxidation or rusting is the biggest enemy of metal. This problem is more pronounced in coastal regions as humidity and salt speed up the oxidation. Oxidation affects all roof metals like zinc, aluminum and steel. The metal roofs come coated with a protective layer but that does wear out over time. If the rusting is very bad then it can make the repair difficult as the fasteners also gets rusted.

Loose Fasteners

Metal roofing installation requires the use of fasteners like nails, screws, and nuts & bolts. roof fasteners can be exposed or hidden. The exposed fasteners often use rubber washers underneath it. But this rubber degrades over time, that eventually leads to loose fasteners. And due to movement of roof due to wind, the fasteners can start backing out. If you notice that roof is noisy during windy weather then it’s most likely due to loose fasteners.

Headwall Flashing

A metal roof has to terminate at other surfaces of buildings. These contact areas can develop gaps that require filling with closure strips.

Metal Roof Repair Products

Repairing metal roofing system requires some special products that can withstand the nature’s elements. Some of the common products used for metal roof repair includes:

Repair Sealant:

We regularly use inlandcoatings RC-2250 sealant. This is what they say on their website: “Effectively protect your roof against alligatoring and other damaging conditions with the superior RC-2250 SEBS roof repair product. Designed with 400% elongation and 1000 PSI tensile strength, Inland’s roofing repair solution leaves you with a strong yet flexible membrane that can withstand roof wear of all kinds on seams, fasteners, and penetrations.”

Metal Roof Base Coat:

The base coat shields the metal from external elements. Moreover, it provides a rubberized coating that also prevents water leaks. It has rust inhibitors built into the material. Inlandcoatings RC-2013 is one example of it. It’s thermally stable, resists cracking and peeling due to weather extremes. For long-term ultraviolet exposure, RC-2013 must be top-coated with RC-2014 Rubber Roof Coating.

Top Coat:

Top Coat as the name suggests goes on top of the base coat. It also adds a layer to rubber protection that is UV-resistant. This makes it last a long time.

Some other materials used are foam sealant tape, panel clips, edge trim metal strips, fasteners, and spray-type foam sealant.

Metal Roof Repair Cost

The cost of repair can only be quoted after inspection. To give you an estimate a minor repair ranges between $160 to $380, Moderate repair costs $380 to $1000, and heavy repair can cost between $1000 to $3500. That said, we deliver very cost effective service that does on cut corners on quality. We use experienced technicians, superior products and help with all your needs even after the job is done.

For the longevity of the metal roof system, it’s essential to regularly inspect the roof. The minor issue if fixed early on can prevent the problem to magnify. For example, if small panel gaps are filled, it prevents water seepage, which eventually keeps the rust away. It’s better to let professionals inspect the roof as they can catch issues early on to save you from bigger and more expensive problem later on.

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