Urgent Repair

We understand that sometimes roof leaks can’t wait. That’s why we offer a quick response team that can handle those emergency roof leaks. Our staff of full-time service and leak repair specialists can meet all your emergency roof repair needs.

shingle roof repair

Share the Photos of The damaged Roofing Areas

During emergency roofing fix, photos help us a lot. Therefore, please send us some images of the damaged roofing areas. This can serve multiple purposes: first, it will help our repair crews identify where the roof is likely damaged. Also, it will come in handy if insurance companies get involved in the repair process.

You are in charge of repair budget

Your roofing expert will tell you about any charges and various options to fix the roof, and then you decide on the best method to go about roof repairing.

What kind of roof damage emergencies can arise?

There are multiple leaks

If it’s “raining” in your home or business, and there are multiple sources of entry, call us immediately. A severe leak can cause big problems if not repaired quickly.

Your attic already has considerable water damage

One way to determine the severity of a leak is to poke around your attic. Look at joists, floorboards, walls, and insulation – if they have significant damage, or if you can see obvious signs of water intrusion (wet drywall/insulation), contact us immediately.

A considerable amount of water is entering the house

An occasional drip and a steady stream are two very different things. An intermittent drip often doesn’t require the expense of emergency service and can be repaired during normal operation; a consistent stream of water is another story entirely.

Animal sounds, nests, or droppings

Here’s a situation you may encounter that doesn’t revolve around a torrential downpour: animals. To a raccoon or squirrel, your roof looks like a great place to call home. As animals get comfortable in their new digs, they often create holes in water barriers that become a conduit for intruding water once rain hits.

Shingles or other roofing materials are on your lawn

If parts of your roof have been blown off due to a storm, the damage caused to your roof can be difficult to ascertain from the ground. Winds over 60mph are known to tear shingles off the roof. However, if you’re looking at pieces of your roof on the ground, it’s time to call roofrepairdenver.